Current Trends in Office Sublets


In Manhattan, there are all types of startups who are just getting off the ground; tech, marketing, fashion, the arts, small brokerages, sales teams, new products, etc., etc... Historically, we are a home to the bold - the innovators. Unfortunately, the commercial real estate market (if you are seeking in Manhattan) isn't exactly user-friendly when it comes to startups with limited resources. Understandably, these young companies would rather not put such a large amount of their financial resources toward simply having a workspace.

Understandably, these young companies would rather not put such a large amount of their financial resources toward simply having a workspace.  If you feel that your company is at such a juncture where you could definitely benefit off of the convenience and prestige of a Manhattan workspace, but you feel you are not in the right place to commit to a full Manhattan lease, then you're in luck.  These days, there are plenty of other people and young companies who are finding themselves in a similar position, and as we always do in Manhattan, the market has stepped in to fill this newfound niche with various means of subleasing everything from desks to offices to entire floors from other business-owners so that you may operate in the location you want, without bearing the gravity of an actual commercial lease.

In a reaction to this market, we have also witnessed the creation of co-working spaces – basically large spaces with an office manager who takes care of maintenance and all manner of amenities while companies/individuals rent everything from a space at a desk to a large room of desks. 

Set up to attract the millennial workforce who is used to a more mobile technology, these places often offer open floorplans, armchairs and couches, and forward-thinking design. 

One such notable example of these planned co-working centers is the famed "WeWork" which operates in varied central locations across the city.  In it's design-oriented spaces, WeWork offers varied plans from a dedicated desk (starting at 575/mo. in NYC.) to your own private office, which starts at 750/mo. In NYC.  A lot of techies/entrepreneurs in their naissance tend to gravitate towards WeWork and its various competitors as an excellent starting point and a pleasant meeting place with quality amenities such as a caffeine bar, meeting rooms, use of printer/scanner/copier, chic common areas, outdoor patios, etc.

But what if you've moved up to the next level?  What if you want to manage your team in your own private space, but are still on your way to the big leagues?  Well fortunately, there are companies such as Prime Manhattan, who has been connecting businesses through private subleases for over fifteen years.  The brokers at Prime are experts when it comes to hooking up the right sublessor to the right sublessee, to make the right connection that leads to a win/win for both parties in whatever neighborhood they chose.  The company's database is limitless, and updated to the minute with any and all office sublets on the island of Manhattan so that a young business can focus on what really matters: growing their business.