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Tribeca began as a large industrial space then became a haven for artists and is currently a fashionable, largely district. However, it also provides a large work area additionally. Tribeca may be a Lower Manhattan neighborhood well-known for its refined, fashionable lofts; boutiques; and restaurants—and the value tags to match. Whether you have entirely a number of months or a few years left on your lease term now's the time to need action.


Covid-19 Office Space News Update December 2020.

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The current pandemic we are experiencing all over the world may be unprecedented, but in trying times like this, we see the value of working together to make our offices, our communities, and the world a safe and better place to live in. COVID-19 is expected to cause a near-term pullback in new leasing and sales transactions through the rest of 2020. We expect to see a substantial rebound for this portion of our business in 2021.

Home, Chic Home.

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In today's Tribeca, standards run as high as some of the ceilings in these large, bright units – and designers dream over the opportunity to ply their trade in such magnificent spaces. Whether your style is dark metro sleek or romantic shabby-chic, the sky is the limit to what the right design team can do for you. Admittedly, living in a loft building is a lot different than living in a co-op or a set of condos. Layout often varies drastically from unit to unit as people apply their unique tastes to the raw space.

Current Trends in Office Sublets


In Manhattan, there are all types of startups who are just getting off the ground; tech, marketing, fashion, the arts, small brokerages, sales teams, new products, etc., etc... Historically, we are a home to the bold - the innovators. Unfortunately, the commercial real estate market (if you are seeking in Manhattan) isn't exactly user-friendly when it comes to startups with limited resources. Understandably, these young companies would rather not put such a large amount of their financial resources toward simply having a workspace.

New Construction in Tribeca


Though the neighborhood of Tribeca is most widely-known for its stunning and spacious converted historical lofts, developers have been working to create new residential projects which will boast the same high ceilings and spacious floorplans that bring potential buyers to this neighborhood, with an ever-expanding array of luxury amenities to boot. A unique example of newer construction is the Sterling Mason House, located at 71 Laight Street – a project that combines the restoration of a brick and terra cotta structure that once housed a tea and coffee warehouse with a brand new adjoining structure that was constructed in its mirror image.