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chic tribeca real estate

In today's Tribeca, standards run as high as some of the ceilings in these large, bright units – and designers dream over the opportunity to ply their trade in such magnificent spaces. Whether your style is dark metro sleek or romantic shabby-chic, the sky is the limit to what the right design team can do for you.

Admittedly, living in a loft building is a lot different than living in a co-op or a set of condos. Layout often varies drastically from unit to unit as people apply their unique tastes to the raw space.

Tenants and owners of loft buildings love to retain their space's lofty charm by reclaiming, and often improving on items such as exposed brick (a well-liked selling point in New York realty), exposed wooden beams, pillars, etc. A thrifty designers can even incorporate materials reclaimed from elsewhere to amplify the look.

Designers have also seen an upsurge in the neighborhood's well-to-do tenants requesting top-end design for their newest additions, in the form of some of the most stylized nurseries and playrooms you've ever seen. Built-in contemporary shelving for books, unique and functional lighting installations, and even floating staircases and catwalks can be par for the course if the ceiling is high enough.

Some of the units, even those without great heights, are not slouching when it comes to their design. Designers relish in pairing the present, hard industrial finishes, often distressed, with soft textiles and cushy couches for an effect that is both stunning and cozy.

How would you design your loft-space?